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Services Offered

At Opal Garnet HR Solutions, we specialize in a trio of essential HR services designed to nurture growth and shape successful futures for both professionals and businesses. Our offerings include personalized services for individual professionals, comprehensive solutions for businesses, and a versatile training and document library accessible to all. Explore the unique facets of our services to find the perfect fit for your needs and let us help you shine. For detailed pricing and specific services, please select your area of interest below.

Professional HR Support

We're dedicated to helping you shine at every stage of your professional journey. Just like a skilled gemcutter transforms raw stones into dazzling jewels, we're here to refine and enhance your career prospects, whether you're stepping into the workforce, advancing in your field, or navigating career transitions. Our comprehensive range of services includes resume writing and optimization, personalized career counseling, targeted training sessions, and strategic job offer negotiation. Each service is tailored to meet your specific needs and challenges, ensuring you are equipped to make your next career move with confidence. Let us help you carve out a successful path in your professional landscape, enhancing your skills and unlocking new opportunities.

Small - Mid Sized Business Support

We understand that the backbone of any thriving business is its people. That’s why we’ve tailored our HR services to meet the unique challenges and opportunities faced by small to mid-sized businesses, especially those in the restaurant and hospitality sectors, helping you streamline your HR functions and focus on growth. With our specialized expertise in restaurant and hospitality-centered HR programs, we are adept at addressing the specific needs of these dynamic industries—from compliance with industry-specific regulations to managing a diverse and often transient workforce.

Training &
Document Library 

We understand the need for immediate, specialized training and comprehensive HR resources. Whether you are a non-client, partner, or professional per diem, our ad hoc training sessions and extensive HR document library are designed to meet your needs on demand. Our robust selection of documents and training materials tailored to enhance your HR knowledge and skills.

Please note, our full document and training library is currently under construction and will be accessible to all by June 2024. Stay tuned for more resources that will help you and your team shine!

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